Predictions of severe weather kept the show small, but the Sun arrived Sunday

See how Brooms were made

Model Tractor Display - John Deere

Tractor Row

Machinery Row

Antique Hand Saws

Kerosene Lanterns

Inside Flea Market

Chainsaw carving

Mercedes Tractor - Field & Road

Restored Cockshutt

Getting the young involved

Antique Hammer Display

Chain Saw Carver - Gary Hilfiger


Tractor Row

Tractor row after the rain stopped

Our cooks were kept busy

Santa drives a John Deere

Nice Dodge

Tractor Row

Hit & Miss Row

Looking for tools?


Mike's Toy collection

Flea market after the rain

Gotta see this in person - will be here again in 2014

Tractor Row

Big & Small


Tractor Row  100+

Checking out the Lanterns

Flea Market is growing each year

Inside Flea Market Bldg is full

Outside Vendors

Endless Mountains Antique Tractor &

Machinery Assoc.

A non-profit organization

This years raffle

Outside Flea Market

JD Crawler still in water

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Flea Market bldg still full of vendors

Tractor Row