A few scenes from the show

1930 Ford Mdl A Coupe - Galen Norton

Roaring Branch, PA

The  raffle table. Sign up to be a member!

Pat still makes them by hand.

We had the most vendors for the flea market this year & Sat was busy.

This is what it's all about!

Photos from 2017 show

Corn sheller & grinder. Old way to make corn meal. Still works, will your electric in 100yrs?

The girls did a fine job, hope they're back next year.

Our mastercook - does a great job!

Tied for 3rd Place

Free rides, shuttle service to your car!

Kitchen hand cranks' made life easier in the kitchen.

Free rides, shuttle service to your car!

Lining up for the parade thru town     Always a popular event

1931 Ford Mdl A Pickup - Shirley Knapp

Wellsboro, PA

Car Show Winners    Peoples Choice Award

2nd Place - 2000 Pontiac Firebird  - William Long Trout Run, PA

Good day for the car show. Lot of nice vehicles.Congrats to the peoples choice winners.

Chinese auction was busy.

From the girls in the ice cream booth-YUM!

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Kerosene Lanterns, outdoor light 100 yrs ago.

Wasn't subject to power outages.

A non-profit organization

1st Place - 1965 Corvette C2 - Randy Carson

Jersey Shore, PA

Fruit crusher & Press.

The way they used to make juice.

Endless Mountains Antique Tractor &

Machinery Assoc.